Vignettes - Landscape Group Exhibition

February 1st - March 5th, 2017

Gallery Walk February 17th, 5-8pm


Michael Gregory • Sheila Gardner • Laura McPhee • George Harkins  • William Robinson


Michael Gregory’s work is immediately recognizable with its American icons of barns, homesteads, and imagined fields. Gregory says of his work: “I think the concept of the icon is important. I’m using it in the traditional sense of a picture as a vehicle for transcendence, something to meditate upon. I’m not telling a story, rather suggesting a point of departure for a topic for conversation." For Sheila Gardner the moods of nature seem infinite; the season, the hour, the wind, the sun or lack of it, even pollution, are some of the factors that make for constant change. That constant change fascinates her. Laura McPhee has been photographing Idaho and the greater Western States for decades.  McPhee displays her color images shot with a large format Deardorff  box camera in galleries and museums across America. George Harkins is known for his rich watercolors which examine nature and its patterns as if through a close-up lens. His work is somewhat abstracted but still imbued with the beauty of seasons and relationships of life and water.