Our group exhibition 'In Bloom' is a celebration of Spring by our contemporary artists through their individual interpretation of flowers. These artists present us with unique perspectives of the traditional symbol of spring and the concepts of beauty, vitality, and the cyclical nature of life.


All of these works come together for an exhibition in celebration of Spring:

In her prints Hung Liu adopts and interprets traditional Chinese images of flowers, incorporating their historical symbolic importance in her work.

Laura McPhee’s large format photography captures the beauty of Idaho wildflowers and nature’s natural cycle, while the flowers in Kathy Moss’ large scale paintings serve as archetypes, representing issues of power, hierarchies, and the psychological associations we assign to flowers.


The subtlety and intimacy of Kenna Moser’s beeswax, vintage envelope, and collage pieces counter the vibrant colors of Michael Gregory’s tulips.

The ebb and flow of Allison Stewart’s gestural flower paintings balance the intimate and precisely detailed paintings of Diane Andrews Hall.

In her monoprints, Kara Maria explores the beauty of nature through the unique geometry found in flowers, snowflakes and other flora and fauna.

Christopher Reilly’s spiritual and organic encaustic paintings capture the intimate relationship between plants and wildlife.

Jenny Abell creates a mythical narrative based in nature though her collaged book covers