Margaret Keelan and Anne Siems

Exploring the themes of wonder, companionship, and the beauty found in aging, Margaret Keelan’s ceramic sculptures convey both a sweet sentimentality and melancholy


Her use of multiple firings, glazes, and stains give her ceramic surfaces the appearance of weathered wood, which serves as a metaphor the beauty of aging and personal discovery.




Anne Siems combines a vocabulary of various forms – birds, butterflies, garlands, dresses, crystals and faces set within an organic landscape.

Echoing the artist’s personal shamanistic journeys, Anne’s paintings are an ongoing inquiry into the boundary between animals and humans, Nature as witness to history, and the vehicles of healing and renewal found in our environment


Inspired by the beauty of the home landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Anne’s ‘Tree Portraits’ represent the spiritual and physical connection that exists between man and nature.