Lynda Lowe: By a Grace of Sense

Gallery Walk December 29th, 5-8pm  • Artist Chat December 30th, 4pm


After completing an MFA at Indiana University, Lynda Lowe began a fifteen-year teaching career at Wheaton College and Northern Illinois University. She left her academic position and began painting full-time, then soon after moved to Washington State. The surrounding environment and travel abroad profoundly impact her work. Additionally, Lowe’s interest in the relationships between art and science, perception and consciousness is evident in her imagery that layers text and poetry fragments, scientific observations and mathematical formula, alongside highly rendered recognizable objects.


Lynda Lowe’s artwork has been widely exhibited nationally in galleries and museums. She’s the recipient of numerous grants including two Illinois Arts Council Fellowships. She has had over forty solo exhibitions and is included in many corporate and public collections.


Throughout the exhibition, as in much of Lowe's work,  examining approaches to human perception and themes of paradoxical union - darkness and light, stillness and movement, gesture and geometry, the concrete and the ephemeral – continue to be investigated. She finds herself often playing on the edge of the frontier, examining what is knowable and familiar, and speculating about the infinite and enigmatic.