Lisa Kokin: TEXTile

TEXTile will feature new works from the artist’s Wordless Library series of book-like objects created from punctured metal, reminiscent of text. The theme of wordless text is further explored in her Facsimiles series, where Kokin constructs faux book pages from trimmed zippers and thread. She is referencing the illustrative pages of dictionaries and 20th century tomes from her grandfather's library containing Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Flaubert, Wilde, and Whitman. The artist’s button work will also be shown, which explores family portraiture both past and present through the reconstructed forms made from buttons and nostalgic ephemera.


Lisa Kokin states, "part of my practice involves mining past unsuccessful pieces and reworking them. I do this by reducing the work to tiny snippets, often using the “wrong” side, and reassembling them into asymmetrical grids made of rectangles of synthetic felt, upholstery samples, clothing, metal, sewing notions and other easily available materials which are often not considered aesthetically interesting."



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