Linda Christensen: Field Study

Gallery Walk August 31st • 5-8 pm

Artist Chat Saturday, September 1st • 10 am


As a child, Linda Christensen was always in tune with the subtle shifts in mood of those around her. This sensitive observation of friends and strangers has continued to inspire her work as an artist. Christensen catches people who are in a “private place” and are turned within. This is usually a brief moment, but something that we all do without being aware. Christensen finds something magical in seeing the humanness in others as they turn inwards, reflectively but uncritically.


Linda Christensen’s painting captures inspiration from the Bay Area Figurative Movement, but her work also has the extreme contrast of color and ambiguity of space seen in Mark Rothko’s work. The solitary figures in her paintings are also reminiscence of Edward Hoppers figure. Although Christensen finds inspiration from many different artists, her paintings are purely her own voice.