Linda Christensen • Betsy Eby

March 7th - April 29th, 2016

Gallery Walk March 11th, 5-8pm


As a child, Linda Christensen was always in tune with the subtle shifts in mood of those around her. This sensitive observation of friends and strangers has continued to inspire her work as an artist. Christensen catches people who are in a “private place” and are turned within. This is usually a brief moment, but something that we all do without being aware. Christensen finds something magical in seeing the humanness in others as they turn inwards, reflectively but uncritically.


Using oils, knives, blowtorches, and waxes she formulates herself, Betsy Eby creates encaustic paintings as rhythmic compositions.  The artist says her best work results on the days she also dictates time to playing classical piano. Eby finds inspiration in privacy and being surrounded by nature.  “I came to painting because I wanted to make visible the place music lives,” she says, “and to make tangible the fleeting qualities of life and all that is fragile.”