Light & Shadow: Contemporary Painting & Photography

Featuring Artists Daniel Diaz-Tai • Kathy Moss • Laura Wilson • Laura  McPhee • Raphaëlle Goethals • Luis González Palma •  Theodore Waddell


August 26th - October 2nd, 2019

Gallery Walk August 30th, 5-8pm


Contemporary painting and photography that uses the subtilties of vision to create visual activity that stimulates and encourages a deeper exploration.

Seven renowned artists offer a personal language for the viewers’ consideration.


Daniel Diaz-Tai abstract paintings are layered with stories, emotion and texture. In these paintings, you can feel competing emotions stemming from the artist’s international journeys. Raphaëlle Goethals’ encaustic paintings include many layers of translucent wax to explore underlying references to ancient script and marks. Kathy Moss is drawn to botanicals for their emotive and symbolic potential, for their mysteriousness and suggestiveness. Laura McPhee is noted for her stunning large-scale landscapes and portraits of the people who live and work in them.  She is currently working in the desert west of the United States where she is chronicling visual stories about time, both geologic and human. Luis González Palma photographs are often intended to inspire psychological and culture issues in the viewer, by incorporating distant gazes and mystical costumes that objectify and explain the pain of the indigenous Mayas and the Mestizo people of Guatemala, who are a minority in the region.


Through stunning black & white portraits of ranchers, and the Hutterites of Montana, Laura Wilson dramatically explores, border issues, isolation, poverty and other symbolic images of the American West. Theodore Waddell's lifelong career as a rancher inspires his painting of livestock in the Montana and Idaho plains and mountains. His paintings are a combination of rough marks; thick paint; transparent elegant strokes; and, on a few occasions a slow, hard line scratched into the canvas. Waddell’s many Museum shows have brought him great national and international acclaim.