Jane Rosen

In her solo exhibition, 'Bird Book', Rosen continues to expand her artistic language, manipulating her acute observations of nature into recognizable and iconic forms that bridge the gap between animal and human realms.

Bird Book will feature both Rosen's compelling multi-media drawings and noble totemic sculptures.  Her most regal, mysterious, and inspiring subjects continue to be the birds of prey which Rosen intimately observes in their natural surroundings at her ranch and studio.


There is a masterful balance within Rosen's work, a beautifully crafted juxtaposition of the fleeting qualities of the natural world and the seemingly eternal nature of glass and stone.  With a painterly eye, Rosen's act of creation is one of alchemy.  She transforms humble materials of glass, wood and stone through careful hand carving, tinting, cutting, and burnishing, ultimately creating majestic works that both reflect and show reverence for the light, shadows, and lines found in nature.