Formal Attire


Gallery Walk February 15th • 5-8 pm 


Formal Attire explores the use of Black and White as the primary colors used in the artist’s work.


Daniel Diaz-Tai explores asemic writing and different mediums to create his monochromatic paintings and works on paper. David deVillier is known for his colorful and playful paintings. Using black ink, he also creates pen and ink drawings which involve his wit and storytelling. Cole Morgan’s black and white paintings include color as a supporting cast. At first view, you see the obvious black and white objects, but on further inspection, the slight use of color brings depth and movement to the painting. Pegan Brooks paintings use slight variations in hue to create depth and movement in her paintings. Pamela DeTuncq turns taxidermy into a playful and lively version of itself by using vintage tapestries Gary Komarin’s abstract paintings create energy and movement which a child-like sense of wonderment.   Squeak Carnwath draws upon the philosophical and mundane experiences of daily life in her paintings and prints.

Judith Kindler is an American multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and photography-based mixed media works.