Experience of Color III

Gallery Walk February 16th • 5-8 pm


Artists featured include: Linda Christensen, Pamela DeTuncq, David deVillier, Bean Finneran, Gary Komarin, Laura McPhee, Cole Morgan, Alexander Rohrig, Julie Speidel, Therman Statom


Artists in this exhibition use color as a predominate component of their artwork. Linda Christensen’s figurative paintings deal with life’s everyday occurrences. Her work features contrast of extremes in color and ambiguity of space.  Pamela DeTuncq turns taxidermy into a playful and lively version of itself by using vintage tapestries. David deVillier’s paintings use color and human forms to evoke messages of dreams, relationships, alternate personalities, desires, frustrations, seductions, and suggestions. The liveliness of Bean Finneran’s hand rolled ceramic sculptures resembles the creativity of nature. Gary Komarin’s abstract painting style visually engages the viewer with richness of color as a primary message. Laura McPhee is known for her stunning images of the Northwest. Her trips to India bring us photographs rich in color and culture from the city of Calcutta and beyond. Working between logic and imagination, Cole Morgan’s paintings have a quality of randomness, yet he meticulously controls every inch of his canvas. Alexander Rohrig’s work stems from the memory or a feeling that something gives him rather than its detailed portrait. Julie Speidel’s newest work features bold colors matched with her iconic forms influenced by ancient artifacts. Therman Statom is considered one of the most influential artist in glass. The glass sculptures he creates incorporates colorful imagery with a sense of fragility.