Eloquent Flower XVI

Betsy Eby, Michael Gregory, Morris Graves, Kenna Moser, Kathy Moss, Carolyn Olbum, Christopher Reilly, Rene Rickabaugh, Jack Spencer, and Allison Stewart 


“Eloquent Flower ” is a celebration of Spring by our contemporary artists.  An extrinsic dialog emerges between each artist and their personal depiction of flowers.  These artists present us with unique perspectives of the traditional symbol of spring and countless other concepts, like beauty, sensuality, and vitality.  Each of these artists evokes responses and emotions through their work. Christopher Reilly’s spiritual and organic encaustic paintings play off the ethereal reality of Jack Spencer's photographs. The subtlety and intimacy of Kenna Moser's beeswax, vintage envelope, and collage pieces counter the vibrant colors of Michael Gregory's tulips. Carolyn Olbum begins the artistic process of transformation by translating the collected materials into new organic forms, layering the natural and artificial in cast bronze. The ebb and flow of Allison Stewart's loose flowers and Betsy Eby’s encaustics balance Rene Rickabaugh's precisely detailed epoxy, resin, and mixed media flowers. All of these paintings dance together in celebration of spring.