David deVillier: Of Many Minds

Gallery Walk July 7th • 5-8 pm


"It occurs to me daily that I am most likely one of the least qualified people to address pressing social issues. I have never been in the military. I have never run for office. I do not have the hot heart of a dedicated protester. Global conflicts, Immigrant travel bans, environmental destruction, racial tensions, women’s rights, gender politics, and the construction of beautiful border walls are not most reliably addressed by a person like me. I don’t know much about scaling these walls at all. But with any art that I create, I try to face the canvas intellectually and passionately, with reason, with a sense of humor, with humility, with kindness and generosity towards others, and with a sense that peace and beauty are more powerful tools and exhibit more rational force than bombs, anger, frustration and violence.


“As an artist, I search for insight and for wisdom. I do want to be bold. I do want to have impact”-  David deVillier (excerpt from Of Many Minds Statement)