Color & Form as Metaphor II

Featuring Artists Gary Komarin • Pegan Brooke • Squeak Carnwath • Rana Rochat • Delos Van Earl • Marcia Myers • Pamela DeTuncq


Gallery Walk August 30th, 5-8pm


This exhibition is composed of paintings and works on paper that are concerned with form and color as a metaphor and the power that a color and/or a rather basic, minimal form or text can exert on a viewer.  These works pay homage to several periods of painting and Sculpture are not concerned with representation. Gary Komarin, a master of Post-Painterly Abstraction, has been at the forefront of contemporary art with a bold and colorful style recognized by art collectors worldwide, and museum curators alike. Pegan Brooke’s painting are inspired by the experiences of sustained reflection upon certain places and circumstances, and an undeniable impulse to make art inspired by them in order to understand what they might mean. Squeak Carnwath combines text and images on abstract fields of color to express sociopolitical and spiritual concerns. Marcia Myers utilized natural pigments to capture the essence of her Italian experiences. Inspired by the redwoods of his childhood, Delos Van Earl likens his work to a pinecone. While you may see a pinecone as a single solitary perfect shape, it is actually many parts that are all different and irregular to form something unique together.


Rana Rochat's works are pictorial metaphors of a fragile balance using marks, forms, colors, as well as the luminosity and visual depth afforded by the encaustic medium. Pamela DeTuncq turns taxidermy into a playful and lively version of itself by using vintage tapestries.