Animalia V

Featuring  Jonathon Hexner, Hung Liu, Robert McCauley, Ed Musante, Gwynn Murrill, Deborah Oropallo, Rob Putnam,  Mary Snowden & David Wharton

Artists in our annual exhibition visually address man's relationship to nature as a primary concern, while art history, environmental ethics, beauty and aesthetics still resonate in their work.


Jonathon Hexner creates delicate imagery of animals using the destructive force of dynamite fuse and black powder. Hung Liu’s mixed media prints and Robert McCauley’s oil paintings create narratives about history, deforestation and ecological issues.  Rob Putnam collects and forms recycled materials to create his signature animals. Sculptor Gwynn Murrill transforms stone, bronze and wood into animals both domestic and wild. Ed Musante’s small-scale paintings of birds and animals, painted on his signature ‘found cigar boxes,’ are intimate portraits of wildlife, as are Mary Snowden's meticulously stitched & embroidered animals from domestic farmyards and the wilds of nature. Deborah Oropallo has been in the forefront of digital artwork since the beginning of the medium. She combines images of her farm with hand painted elements to form her distinctive artwork. David Wharton’s watercolor paintings are influenced by his humor and creative mingling of juxtaposed objects.