Featuring work by Pamela DeTuncq, Chris Maynard, Robert McCauley and Gwynn Murrill and Mary Snowden this annual exhibition addresses man’s relationship to nature and current environmental ethics and equally examines the profound and unique beauty found in the animal kingdom.


Pamela DeTuncq provides an irreverent look at the fleeting nature of life through the ancient art of taxidermy. Drawn from the medieval theory of memento mori, vintage tapestries serve as remembered experiences and highlight the futility and vanity of preserving the ephemeral.


Chris Maynard delicately crafts small scenes of avian life by intricately cutting and re-assembling individual bird feathers.


Robert McCauley’s oil paintings use the guise of art historical narratives to examine important themes of deforestation and the ecological concerns of climate change and species extinction.


Sculptor Gwynn Murrill uses bronze to capture elemental animal forms and captures the beauty of each animal’s movement.


Mary Snowden's combines meticulously stitched and embroidered animals with hand-painted elements to capture each animal’s true character.