Alexander Rohrig: Backyard

“This group of work stems from the memory or a feeling that something gives me rather than its detailed portrait. A glance from the corner of your eye repeated over time, a gesture, a personality, a relationship can often reveal a truer likeness than a photograph. You have to be paying close attention, sifting out nonessential details in order to arrive somewhere both simple and true. I’m finding the more ordinary something seems, often that is when it can also become most interesting to me. I tend to enjoy humor in art. It welcomes a viewer in to take a closer look without being off-putting. The playful aspect of these sculptures seems native to me and are the type of work I most enjoy making and looking at. It also allows me access to play around with the formal aspects of sculpture without making purely formal work. For instance, I love Richard Tuttle’s work, but I can’t make his kind of work. Figuration, at least at this stage, is important to me although it’s often arrived at through abstract means.”

Alexander Rohrig