Anne Siems, Girl Power in Women with Tattooed Faces



Interviewed By Tattoo Life Magazine

"On the heels of my show with almost abstract art, I became motivated by the “#metoo” movement, and concerned myself in particular with the developments around the unveiling of women’s repression. Letting go of shame around sexuality and nakedness, and by contrast moving into the strength of girl power and womanhood.This led me right into the work for FERAL in which I was inspired by a new sense of feminism, a place of wildness, unconcerned with dictates of the fashion industry, the ideas of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like, the letting go of rules about body size and embracing women of all color. I started to depict young women again with transparent clothing, but they were clearly contemporary, sporting tattoos, purses and their hands had become animals. “Her Hands are Wild and Dangerous” was the first painting for this show. These young women and children look at the viewer with confidence and possibly daring. You will not mess with them. They are both ‘woke’ and mysterious." - Anne Siems