Alexander Rohrig

Shepherd II
Painted limestone
11 x 7 in

ABout the Artist

Alexander Rohrig

Alexander Rohrig’s work stems from the memory or a feeling that something gives him rather than its detailed portrait: a glance from the corner of your eye repeated over time, a gesture, a personality, a relationship can often reveal a truer likeness than a photograph. Paying close attention, sifting out nonessential details in order to arrive somewhere both simple and true. Finding the more ordinary something seems, often that is when it can also become most interesting to him. Alexander enjoys humor in art.  It welcomes a viewer in to take a closer look without being off-putting. The playful aspect of his sculptures and paintings seems native to him and are the type of work he most enjoys making and viewing. This allows access to play around with the formal aspects of sculpture without making purely formal work. 

Alexander Rohrig lives and works in magnificent surroundings in the mountains in Northern California. After completing his education at the University of California in Santa Cruz, Rohrig took a position as studio assistant to artist and sculptor Jane Rosen in 2009 on her ranch, a beautiful natural preserve high in the California mountains. Under Rosen’s tutelage and with his daily practice of drawing from these extraordinary surroundings, Rohrig developed a drawing style and vision all his own. He was the subject of an article in Works and Conversation, an insightful chronicle of California art and artists published and written by Richard Whittaker. 


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