Pamela DeTuncq

Ladies' Man
Vintage tapestries, foam, antlers, leather, glass, buck tail, wool
52.50 x 43 in
The Fauna Mori series provides an irreverent look at the fleeting nature of life through the ancient art of taxidermy. Drawn from the medieval concept of Memento Mori, vintage tapestries serve as remembered experiences and highlight the futility and vanity of preserving the ephemeral.

ABout the Artist

Pamela DeTuncq

Through her diverse sculpture, conceptual artist Pamela DeTuncq addresses some of the more compelling zeitgeists of contemporary American culture. After years in the design industry, she now applies her skills to multi-layered sculptural work addressing such disparate themes as teen alienation, gender stereotypes, and the vicissitudes of faith. 

She earned her MFA in Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Boston and BA in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland. Her work has been shown nationally, with the Dennos Museum recently adding one of her fiber installations to their permanent collection. 


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