Betsy Eby

La Campanella
Encaustic on canvas over panel
48 x 72 in

ABout the Artist

When Betsy Eby recalls her childhood, the abstract artist remembers her grandmother playing folk tunes on the piano and filling sketchbooks with charcoal drawings. Looking back, it was a prelude to Eby’s adulthood, where she has devoted her life to the interconnection she, like her grandmother, feels between art and music.  Using Old Holland oil tubes, knives, blowtorches, and waxes she formulates herself, Eby creates encaustic paintings as rhythmic compositions.  The artist says her best work results on the days she also dictates time to playing classical piano.  Whether biking or meditating on an island off the coast of Washington, where she keeps one studio, or musing in seclusion off the coast of Maine, where she has another, Eby finds inspiration in privacy and being surrounded by nature.  “I came to painting because I wanted to make visible the place music lives,” she says, “and to make tangible the fleeting qualities of life and all that is fragile.” -  Interview in LUXE magazine


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