Betsy Margolius

Riverfront I (Triptych), 2022
Oil on panel
16 x 60 in

ABout the Artist

"From the flowers in my garden, to the grasses I pass on walks with friends, even the tiny shells I see washed up at the beach, all these catch my attention. I find inspiration in the unique curved line of a rose, the elegance of a tree branch, and the simple organic shape of a stone. My aim is to re-create the endless sense of beauty and wonder that nature provides by layering, juxtaposing, and interweaving one natural image with another. Each texture, color, movement, pattern and form overlap to inspire an almost dream-like state, where there is a sense of continuity and wholeness in the midst of almost infinite diversity. 


But who and where is the original creator of this incredible natural world we inhabit? In whose imagination did these images originate? This question fascinates me the most."


-Betsy Margolius


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